For starters a little about me

Who am I

My name is Epp. Epp is old and traditional Estonian name. I’m sure in ancient times it had a meaning like most names did, but the meaning has gone lost. I’ve had many fun situations because of my name.Who thinks its just a nickname, most

Photo: Tatjana Lind. Pepe & Epp Love Story, Nomme, Tallinn, March 2012
Me in wintertime. World is so peacful when coverd in snow.

people outside of Estonia have no clue how to pronounce it, and for some reason people tend to think its a mans name and they are a bit confused when a woman shows up. I’m happy about my name and I’m very glad to be acquainted with you and hear the story behind your name!

Where do I come from

I´m Estonian woman, living in a small village in central Estonia. My first language is Estonian, so my English might not be perfect. Estonia is in so many ways a strange and mystical country. I feel its a land filled with opportunities for spiritual growth. Estonians are not very religious people but we do feel close to nature and its spirits.

My village is named Lau village and its in the middle of forests, bogs and swamps. For many this kind of nature might be scary but to me its one source of my power and being. History of my village goes back ~800 years and my family has been living here for a century. For several years I’ve been looking for a spiritual place, for a temple, in many different places, just to discover that my home is the temple I’ve been looking for and this is the place for my path as a priestess.

What do I do


Sometimes its hard to know when exactly your spiritual path started or ones abilities first showed. Now I know that Ive been channeling energy for a long time. I don’t read minds or taro cards, I don’t see the future or travel to past lives. Here in the temple energies are at work to help you to move on, they give your soul the opportunity to fly to the higher plains to make preparations for what is to come. Through conversation and signs from the nature some of the questions might be answered. I dont do things for you, you do everything yourself, but sometimes you just need to do it inside the right energy with a bit of guidance from above.

So if you happen to come to Estonia and feel you need to spend a day in the temple of nature and goddesses just let me know (

Im also very happy to give tours and show you around Raplamaa. Raplamaa is full of places and sights from different periods of Estonian history and also with many places of spectacular nature.


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