Name of your path

Importance of naming things

The way we name something gives it power. Certain energy.  In Estonian folk believes many harmful animals and events had pet names so that if there was a need to talk about it one would not call it out by saying the original name.  For example when someone’s house had been on fire then others talked about it as the red rooster taking hold of the house.  Or if a wolf had taken sheep,people would call it as “man with a gray coat” has taken the animals. All for the sake not to bring out the bad luck again.

While naming a child one usually looks what kind of meaning and stories are related to the name. Even if you dont believe in the spiritual effects in the bigger scale I think everyone still wants to give their child a name with good vibes. So we check out the information behind the name. Many names in our culture are related to the Bible. How many Peters do you know? But how many Judases? Judas is not an ugly name but it does have a strong and negative story behind it. In Estonian tradition many names are taken from nature and to me they usually say something about the person carrying the name or at least something about the expectations of their parents. I very much like the names Säde (spark), Tähti (comes from the word stars), Koit (dawn) and Põvvat (drought).

I think the same goes also for a job title. There is a difference in being called administrator or secretary, chief or manager. It should be the job description that counts but having the right name  for it, is also important.

To me it seems the same is valid in the spiritual world. You need the title that suits your soul and your calling. In Estonia there are many who call themselves healers, many name themselves soul or spirit counselors. I know people who call themselves oracles, usually they work with different kinds of cards. Many find the way of a shaman and many work with plants. Latter ones are called ”taimetark” in Estonian. And maybe the term “witch” goes with them also more often than with other kind of spiritual workers. Probably due to their work with nature. Also there are different kinds of masters like for example in Reiki system. How important is this kind of title for you? Does it affect your decision when looking for spiritual help and guidance?

Who am I?

While in walking my own path Ive always asked how should I call myself. In the beginning it was very simple. I was a student. My only ambition was to find a teacher and to learn. I did find someone whom I at that moment considered to be my teacher.That relationship came with many lessons. After understanig my gift a bit better I wanted to work with people, to put my energy into good use. For that I should have been able to tell people what it is that I do. When someone asked me what do you do, I tried to give one sentence answer like “Im a healer” or “ Im a spiritual councleor”. But the words just did not come over my lips. Instead I gave a five minute speech about what it is that I do. It just did not feel assuring to the questioner and I myself felt uncertain. At least I knew for sure what I wasn’t.  I was not an oracle or shaman, I was not a witch or a master of anything. So who am I? I felt like without a proper title, iit was impossible to find my place in the spiritual world, to know where I belong and what is my true role and maybe even my true nature.

Path of a priestess

A friend of mine organized events for women. Her goal was for us to come together to learn about our femininity, about our hidden powers and strength. Somehow I ended up leading the evening about goddesses. Going through materials and preparing for the meeting I felt a strong connection to the theme of goddesses. I remembered all the evenings when, as a teenager, I went through books about Greek and Egyptian deities. The excitement and strange recognition. So for a whole day I thought “Hey, maybe Im a goddess!”. Yes, my ego is that big to think that I might be a goddess. Reading some more I realized that as much as Id like to, but Im not a goddess and non (ok most) of us on Earth can be deity in the way we read about them in myths and stories. I still felt the connection and it took some time before I thought that maybe the connection is about being called to service by the goddesses. Reading some more I came to stories about temples and priestesses. Everything fell into place. That is who I am! That is who Ive been through many lifetimes. Im a priestess!

What does it mean to be a priestess? I wish I knew for sure! I have a feeling about it, not something I can put to words easily just yet. It is a new puzzle for me to put together, secrets from past to remember. But at least it is the title  that fits, that feels right and tastes right. Yes,tastes right on my tongue while saying it out. And it is a hard word to pronounce either in English or Estonian.

Sometimes you first find a path that calls to you  and you start going without really knowing where it leads or what waits you ahead.  But sometimes you first get the name of the street you need to be walking and then you need to find a map that leads you to that street. I have a name of the road I’m supposed to walk on -“Path of a priestess” , now just need to discover the map that leads me there.


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